Swansea is a small area in the South wales, and although it is geographically close to the UK – it has a completely different pace and dynamics! It is one of the places, I like and am proud to call home 🙂 Swansea is a cosy, town where people are living a very relaxed, and happy lifestyle!  Not as dynamic as major cities like London-  Eg Most of the shops are closed  by 6 o’clock! As you can imagine,  leisure activities revolve mainly around tgoing to the  cinema, restaurants  and bars. Some may give call this as a boring ; nevertheless, as the saying goes– “home is where the heart is!”‎

I spent the main part of my teenage hood -growing up in Wales (before the age of 15 was there )   I didn’t really have a perspective towards living a Western nor an Islamic lifestyle. I believe the main reason was because I  was still very young and yet unaware of the cultural differences.  I have noticed there’ s lot of Muslim girls from a very young age living in the UK and who are forced to wear the headscarf! As you can imagine, their daily lifestyle and routine is quite different! They are requested by their families  to go to  school then after school hours to come back home – and outings are solely with the family. I guess when I see that- I think to myself- gosh I’m lucky my dad never put such limits nor such restrictions on me! He always liberated me with my own choices and definitely spent my time after school in a different fashion!

Since I was very young- I have  always seen my brother as my idol! Mimicing his every move- always wanting to go wherever he went and doing whatever he was doing! I guess that was the beginning of my love and drive  for competitive sports. I started karate at the age of 5 and I loved it being this strong, fiesty, female Jackie Chang! 😛

I spent most of time going to to the park and playing football with my brother and his friends- best part, I used to sometimes wear his clothes! I guess to a certain extent – you could say I was a Tom Boy 🙂  

i will always have my two childhood friends that to me are my sisters.. even after all the years of being away .. now its like we were never apart..

My mom stayed home while my dad spent most of his time working all hours at the office – as a course of nature- meant I did not get to spend much time  with my dad. 

I have always been told that I come across as a bubbly, socialable person who has a love for life! However, within me, I have always felt that at times, I don’t  fit in any culture and may sometimes  see the world in a very pessismtic manner, which in turn, affected my self confidence. Although I tried wearing this confident mask- I was far from it…  this internal conflict made it hard for me to make friends and at times difficult to comunicate with others! 

I felt more comfortable  focusing most of my time on sports and staying true to the small and close group of friends I had. We used to spend most of our time sitting around the shops or at the local park until late at night- sometimes, used to get myself into small kinds of trouble, like most teenagers get into fights with other groups of teenagers. I guess these are the thrills of being a child! 🙂

Take the girl out of Swansea but you can’t take Swansea out of the girl! I really smile while reminiscing of my childhood in Swansea- how everything seemed so easy, and simple…. it only seemed to get more difficult when I got older- the emancipation of this woman seemed to have touched on some controversial aspects of how I should live my life! 

In one of my upcoming blogs, I will be going back to the discussion regarding Muslim girls-  the rules / religion that has created  confusion- reality vs confusion  of the image some Muslims are depicting of the religion;thus, leading many of us with a question mark on this topic.



2 thoughts on “Growinupinwales⚽🏈🏊🏁”

  1. i see where you’re coming from and where you’d feel as if you don’t belong but i’m a strong believer that just because you take after two different cultures, it does not make you any less a person in the community; i’d call it unique so don’t let this cultural difference affect you negatively, embrace it! 🙂

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